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Welcome to Early Music Companion

A resource app for students of Medieval and Renaissance music

About Early Music Companion

Early Music Companion supports those who perform Medieval and Renaissance (early) music, as well as those who teach this music to others. Currently Early Music Companion is implemented as an iPhone or iPad app available in the Apple AppStore (an Android version is in development).

Early music was composed on the basis of music theory that is no longer in use. As with modern compositions, early music scores do not provide every detail needed to perform them properly. Musicians are expected to learn how to interpret scores, based on the music theory employed when they were written. Early Music Companion provides a variety of resources to help performers interpret Medieval and Renaissance music.

The Early Music Companion project goal was simply to capture in an app the kinds of information that might be convenient for performers and students of Medieval and Renaissance music. New information is added as it becomes available in frequent updates.

Non-profit, Ad free, and Safe

Early Music Companion is a non-profit app: after the costs for software tools and licenses have been paid, all other income from the sale of this app will be donated to early music ensembles and organizations (see report).

Early Music Companion will not bug you with advertisements of any kind. When you buy this app, you can enjoy it without any annoying interruptions trying to get you to buy something you likely don’t want or need.

No data about you is shared with anyone. Your privacy is safe here.