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Frequently Asked Questions

The sound output from Guido’s hand is controlled by the audio volume setting for your device. Make sure the volume level is turned up. In addition, other apps may hog the audio output. Close other apps one at a time to see if any are blocking Guido’s output.

Note: Most iPhones and iPads have very small speakers. They are especially weak when sounding low notes. For better sound, use earphones or external speakers.

If you enter search criteria to narrow down the list of composers, you need to turn on the switch next to each parameter you want taken into account. The switch will show a green background to the left of the round white button when it is on.

Some composers were known by more than one name. Others have names with prefixes, for example “de Lassus”, and sometimes the prefix is missing in scores. If you enter a name and then tap “Refresh List” but don’t find the composer, turn on the “AKA” option switch to add the contents of the AKA field to the name search. Then try again.

You don’t need to enter letters with diacritical marks such as ü. Just enter the letter without the diacritical mark for a search by name. For example, to search for Heinrich Schütz, enter “Schutz” for the last name.