About Us


Campwood Software LLC

Campwood Software was founded in 1997 to support contract programming by the owner, Jim Wanner. Projects have included industrial machine control software (including robots), electric efficiency program support systems, and a program to configure a custom water use recording device. Most recently, Campwood Software developed a game app for Apple iPads.


Jim Wanner

Owner, Software Engineer
I have been employed as a machine designer, college professor, astronomer, and software developer. Throughout my life I have been an amateur musician. Software Development: My work in software began when I wrote my first program in 1960. In the years since, I have programmed in many different languages. I am the sole developer of the Early Music Companion app. Music: In high school and college I played trombone and euphonium. After college I took up the recorder and joined various singing groups. In 2008 I discovered the Renaissance trombone (sackbut) and fell in love with its mellow sound. Ever since I have been an avid student of the sackbut, and play at every opportunity.